assisted livingHoliday stress levels can increase and families who have a loved one in an assisted living facility may worry about how to include them in the festivities.

As opposed to independent living or nursing homes, assisted living residents are usually mobile enough to move around. However, they may have limitations due to advanced age or medical issues.

This can create some burden. Many families don’t know if their relatives should move to be with the family during holiday celebrations. Holiday stressors can cause families to worry about how much time they have to spend visiting relatives, especially if the distance is an issue.

No matter how many times you see your loved ones who are living in an assisted living facility, it will feel as though it’s enough. And you’re going to feel guilty that you should spend more time there. This is what causes anxiety. Do not beat yourself up if it isn’t possible to spend more time.

Administrators and psychologists who work with residents at these facilities tell families that it is important to find a way to make time for loved ones, as well as their other obligations.

Assisted Living: Tips To Make The Holidays Merrier

Talk to the staff.

Ask the facility staff whether bringing grandma or uncle Chester home for the day would cause disruption to the relative — or to the host family. Families should also consider whether the home can accommodate the visitor, particularly if they have a mobility aid.

Be aware that older people can get tired easily so limit your visits.

Do not expect them to stay for more than six hours. Also, they will eventually become too tired. You might also consider having someone to take them home at all times during their visit.

Send holiday reminders and decorate.

Decorating the room of a relative, whether they are staying at the facility or visiting, is a good idea. If certain items are prohibited, please check with the facility staff.

Decorations are beneficial for all residents, even those with advanced dementia. Dementia patients often remember things from their childhood. They might not be aware that it’s March 17, but they know that St. Patrick’s Day is a fun day, because everything is decorated. … They are aware that it is a holiday.

This is also true for favorite foods. For any dietary restrictions, please consult the nursing staff.

Other Tips To Make The Holidays Memorable

  1. Make the most of technology. There are many ways to relive past holidays through slide shows and videos.
  2. Families can bring large-screen tablets or laptops to facilities that lack technology. Include things which tie in to who they are like music. This is particularly helpful for those with dementia relatives.
  3. If visiting the site is impossible, Wi-Fi-equipped facilities can host webcams so relatives can connect on vacation. There are many ways to use Skype, Facetime, or any other available technology.
  4. There are many ways to celebrate there: All ages are welcome. Facilities often host holiday parties and invite their families to join them. Bring the children and attend.
  5. Children are welcomed in assisted living communities. The elderly respond very well to children, even if they’re not theirs. Residents are brought to life by children.
  6. Bring gifts. Presents can be great. What are we doing at Christmas? We open presents. The patient can still enjoy this activity.

It is the experience that counts, and not the length of the visit to the assisted living facility in Myrtle Beach. Visits are always helpful, no matter the season.

Any kind of visit was good. You don’t need to believe that visits should last for more than three hours. Even a quick visit for five minutes can make a big difference.

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