assisted livingIt’s not about being less or more. It’s actually the exact opposite. You can have a comfortable lifestyle with no maintenance and get extra help when you’re in need. This gives you more freedom to do what you love. Do not let the myths surrounding assisted living stop you from enjoying the retirement lifestyle that you desire. We are here to dispel the myths that assisted living makes life boring or limited.

Myths About Assisted Living

Myth: I’ll be cooped up in my room

It might seem that assisted living in Myrtle Beach is a boring lifestyle. Wrong! Every day, assisted living communities organize a variety of events, including movie nights and live music, happy hour, day trips to museums, and shopping excursions.

Myth: Food will be boring and uninteresting

Delicious menus are created by our chefs to highlight our sustainable approach to dining. All meals are prepared from scratch with fresh, local ingredients. There are multiple dining options at Reflections Assisted Living at Carolina Forest. We offer casual, fine, and fast-casual dining, and strive to provide unique dining experiences every single day.

Myth: I’ll become a couch potato

This myth is simply not true! It’s easier than ever to keep active when you move to an assisted living facility. Our communities offer many wellness options in our state-of-the-art fitness center.

Myth: It’s just Bingo and Card Games

We can help you if bingo is your thing. We also offer a beginner’s class in sculpture, balloon badminton, and even cooking contests. You can find a wide range of recreational activities, interests, and amenities right outside your front door.

Myth: I won’t be able to go anywhere

Assistive living amenities are intended to allow you to maintain your independence and maximize your freedom. You will not be restricted to a certain area or restricted to a particular campus. You’ll have many opportunities to explore the world and expand your horizons. You will receive complimentary transportation to all shopping centers, cultural districts, and other events. You can also use your personal vehicle if you are a licensed driver.

Myth: I’ll be alone

There are many opportunities for you to make new friends in assisted living communities. There will be friendly staff members and neighbors who are open to making connections every day. If you are thinking of bringing your pet to enjoy companionship, there is good news. All levels of our pet-friendly senior living communities welcome furry and feathered friends. There are even special events for pet owners like National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

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