assisted livingIsolation can be an unfortunate reality for many older adults, with the National Council on Aging estimating that nearly one-fourth of Americans ages 65 and up are living in a state of disconnect from their peers. Unfortunately, this lack of community often leads to feelings such as loneliness and boredom which could lead to dangerous health complications like depression or cognitive decline if left untreated. If you notice signs your elderly loved ones may be struggling due to isolation, consider taking steps now before things get worse; there are multiple methods available when it comes to helping seniors stay connected when they’re in an assisted living facility while encouraging them not only physically but mentally too!

Assisted Living: How To Keep Them Socially Engaged?

Volunteer Work

Caring for a loved one can be both rewarding and challenging. To ensure their fulfillment, look into community volunteer programs within the senior living facility that allow seniors to connect with others while finding meaningful purpose in life. As the caregiver, you can assist by researching available activities and providing transportation so they may reap all of the rewards volunteering has to offer!


Group exercise programs, such as senior aerobics, offer a powerful way to combat individual isolation and loneliness. Not only are these activities great for physical health but they can also have tremendous positive impacts on seniors’ mental well-being; with low-impact options like stretching, proving particularly beneficial in boosting an overall sense of satisfaction with life.


Uncover a hidden passion and make new connections! Encourage your loved one to become part of an active assisted living community by revitalizing old hobbies, like gardening or bridge. Or discover something completely new – such as bird watching! Find exciting senior activities near you by checking out local centers for programs specifically tailored towards older generations.

Get a pet

Pet ownership for seniors is more than just a source of companionship; it’s an opportunity to create emotional connections and lead a more social life. Caring for their furry friends can give them purpose, help break the ice when meeting new people and cultivate meaningful relationships with those around them.

Easy transportation

A lack of transportation can seriously impact a senior’s life, resulting in isolation. One way to fight this is by offering your loved one a ride to their activities and helping them investigate public transportation alternatives – many cities offer cost-cutting options for seniors.

Encourage spirituality

Support and facilitate your cherished one’s spiritual journey by helping them attend meaningful religious gatherings. Not only does it bring clarity of purpose, but faith-based fellowship can be immensely uplifting for the soul. Ensure that transportation is easily accessible so they don’t miss any opportunities to celebrate their beliefs!

Use technology

Staying connected with friends and family is an important part of staying emotionally healthy, but technology can be confusing to seniors. Thankfully there are organizations like the AARP and OATS that offer tech training specifically tailored for older generations so they too can join in on connecting online through websites or programs such as Facebook or Skype.

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