assisted livingThe Spooky Season is here and you may prefer horror fiction to your everyday life. However, the idea of moving into assisted living is a frightening prospect for many older Americans. But, of all the scary things in life, we don’t believe that moving into assisted housing should be. Having to live in assisted living is one of the worst nightmares.

We have tips for making the transition to assisted living less frightening, whether you are worried about your own move or those of your loved ones.

Find the right assisted living community for you

It can make the transition easier for you and your loved ones by making sure that you are connected to the right assisted living community. When weighing the pros and con’s of assisted living communities, there are many things you should consider:

  • Cost: While money is not the only factor, an assisted living community that can meet all your needs will not be able to help you if your budget doesn’t allow for it. Before you begin looking into assisted living communities, you should first take a hard look at your finances.
  • It’s all about location. They may want to relocate to a warmer area or to be near their family. It can help to come up with a list ahead of time so you can check it against your various assisted living options to see which one meets the greatest number of your requirements/preferences.
  • Reviews are important in every aspect of life, from dating to business. The reputation of the assisted living facility you choose is no exception. We are always supportive of high-quality assisted living communities but the truth is that not all communities can meet our high standards. It is important not to leave your loved ones’ care to chance. Do your research ahead of time so they are in good hands.

Give it time for reality to set in

It is a great way to convince your loved one to move into assisted living immediately. Don’t wait until your loved one is absolutely in need of assisted living. Give them notice months or even years ahead of the time they will be moving into assisted living. Talk to your loved one about the many benefits that assisted living has. Ask them about their dreams for their golden years, and then suggest ways that assisted living could fit in that vision.

Take them on a tour

Fear of the unknown is what we are most afraid of. Even though there is nothing to fear, it can be a frightening image that we create in our heads. You can prevent your loved one from falling for this trap by taking them along on a tour of the assisted living community. They will be able to see it firsthand and begin to imagine what life would be like. They will soon be more comfortable with the idea of moving there.

We can help you with everything, including a tour and general information about what your loved ones can expect when they move to assisted living. To begin your transition to an assisted living community that is better for you, all you need to do it to reach out.

At Reflections Assisted Living, we do our best to make your loved ones feel at home. Call us today to know more about our assisted living services.

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