assisted livingHolidays are a time for family and friends to enjoy. However, when someone is in assisted living, it can be difficult to make the holidays more meaningful.

Plan ahead! For those living in assisted living communities, holidays can be stressful. Having a plan will help you be more organized and decrease anxiety. You will be able to plan your visit according to the facility’s visiting guidelines. Now it’s time for creativity and making the holidays memorable.

Holidays For Loved Ones In Assisted Living

Decorate their Room

Holidays are about decorating with festive colors and ornaments. You can bring flowers in, and decorate the room with holiday cards or string lights. Even something as simple as decorating the windowsill of your loved one’s home can bring joy and warmth to their holiday season.

Enjoy Holiday Treats

Treats are essential for any holiday. Make something unique for your loved one by baking a cookie from their favorite recipe or buying chocolates at their local shop. Holidays are about enjoying the small moments and eating delicious treats.

Organize a holiday party

If you are allowed to invite family members, host a small holiday party in their bedroom. Invite family and friends to exchange gifts, share stories, and sing carols. Holidays are about spending time with those we love the most.

Give your home a sense of belonging

For those who live far from their home, holidays can be difficult. To help you feel at home, bring photos of your family along with a piece from your home. No matter where you are, holidays are about creating memories.

Enjoy Holiday Music

Holiday music can set the mood better than any other music. You can play a CD with your loved one’s favorite carols, or you can bring in a radio to tune into the local station. Spending quality time with loved ones and listening to music that brings us joy is the essence of the holiday season.

Make a video with your friends and family

Sometimes your loved one might not be able to have many visitors in the senior living facility. To share your love, make a video with family and friends. Holidays are about showing appreciation for each other, even when we don’t live in the same place.

Check to see if the Assisted Living Facility is hosting holiday events

To find out what holiday events are being held at your facility, contact them. Holidays are about community and many assisted living facilities in Myrtle Beach to offer activities for residents. These events are a great way to bring your loved ones along and get involved with the community.

Reflections Assisted Living at Carolina Forest is committed to making holidays memorable for residents and their loved ones. You can be sure that your loved ones will be taken care of with our wonderful recreation spaces, tasty meals, and engaging activities.

Reflections Assisted Living at Carolina Forest believes holidays bring joy to the people we love most. For more information on our holiday activities, contact us today!

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