assisted livingAmericans are living longer than ever, which is resulting in an increasing number of seniors. The Census Bureau predicts that 23.5% of Americans will be 65 years or older by 2060, compared to 14.5% in 2014. This amounts to approximately 98 million seniors who require long-term or assisted living. In the past, seniors had few options for long-term care. In many cases, skilled nursing care was the only option. The assisted living movement was born in the 1970s when it became apparent that there were more intermediate-care facilities needed to serve the needs of the nation’s elderly population.

The Basics Of Assisted Living

A senior care facility is assisted living, providing assistance with daily activities and personal care to older adults. Reflections Assisted Living allows residents to retain their independence while still receiving assistance with personal care tasks like laundry, meals, grooming, and so on. We also offer socialization and entertainment opportunities.

Keep in mind that assisted living communities don’t provide skilled medical care. A nursing home is better for seniors who require this level of care. At Reflections Assisted Living we help residents with medication management, transport to and from appointments, first-aid, and emergency care. Residents can also count on our staff to be there for them 24 hours a day in case of an emergency.

Benefits of assisted living

The staff is available round-the-clock

assisted living facilitiesAn assisted living facility may not be the right fit for seniors who require high-level care around the clock, but staff are always on-site to help residents whenever they need it. Staff are available to support residents in times of emergency and provide the assistance they require. Staff being available 24/7 can provide peace of mind to residents and their families.

Residents can enjoy the on-site amenities offered by communities

Reflections Assisted Living at Carolina Forest has on-site amenities like a barbershop, beauty salon, and common areas. All of these amenities are available on-site, making it easy for seniors to use and eliminating the need to arrange transportation to take part in meaningful activities. Residents can also enjoy the amenities on-site as a place to meet and share their experiences with one another.

Residents have the option to choose how they want to spend their time

Residents have the freedom to spend their whole day as they wish, with the exception of scheduled meals. Residents can choose to relax, use group transportation for errands or take part in events on site. Seniors who are unable to drive or have mobility issues can still enjoy the many amenities and activities on-site. Introverts and quiet residents can also choose to live independently.

There are many social opportunities for residents.

Residents can make friends and socialize in senior communities. Residents can enjoy a variety of activities on-site, such as musical performances, art classes and holiday parties, which help to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness that often accompany old age.

All maintenance is handled by the staff

Cleaning and maintaining a garden can be dangerous and physically demanding for people with balance or mobility problems. All aspects of exterior and interior maintenance are handled by our assisted living staff, which includes housekeeping and apartment repairs. We  take care of all the housekeeping and maintenance so residents can relax and enjoy the many assisted living services offered.

The Care of Assisted Living

assisted living myrtle beachResidents of assisted living live in their own apartments, but they have 24/7 access to personal care and trained staff. These communities don’t offer skilled medical care but they provide many other services to residents. These are the most popular assisted living services:

Personal Care Services: These activities are the necessities of daily life. They include getting dressed, bathing, and eating. As needed, assisted living staff are available round the clock to assist residents.

Housekeeping and Laundry: We provide basic housekeeping services such as vacuuming, dusting and changing sheets. Unexpected messes, such as spillages, can be handled by staff at all times.

Transportation: Our community offers transportation to residents for group outings, such as grocery shopping or other group trips. We  also provide scheduled chauffeur services for personal needs, such as appointments and errands.

Social Activities and Events: Reflections Assisted Living Communities offer a variety of activities that allow residents to meet up. Events such as book clubs, visiting lecturers, exercise classes, and games. We provide a common area or community amenities that can be used for informal socializing. Participation in group outings is also possible.

Medical Services: Residents have access to some medical services, including medication management and emergency first-aid. We offer on-site nurse’s visits and help residents to arrange appointments or transport to see outside doctors.

Safety: The assisted living staff is always available to provide assistance 24 hours a days. Staff will be available to provide emergency care if needed. Each resident is equipped with a medical alert systems that allow them to immediately signal their need for assistance.

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