How To Talk to Alzheimer’s or Dementia Patients

dementiaSenior citizens and others in their circle of influence face the challenge of declining cognition. People with cognitive conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, will eventually lose their ability to think. They might have difficulty learning, remembering, paying attention, and reasoning. These issues can make communication with older adults difficult. There are some things caregivers and family members can do to help make communication easier and less frustrating for all.

The Reality of Memory for Dementia Patients

There are four types of memory available to people: episodic memory, working memory, prospective memory, and semantic memory.

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The Importance Of Size When Choosing The Right Memory Care Community

memory careThe task of finding memory care for a loved one can seem overwhelming and daunting.

You will discover that every community has its own unique characteristics. This is in addition to researching and finding different senior living options and memory care options. These distinctive qualities may be explained by the representative of the community. They will also describe the uniqueness of assisted living community, such as its specialization in memory care.

Memory Care Options: Are bigger things really better?

During your tour, you might notice that certain memory care communities are smaller than others.

Family members often ask which size is best for their loved ones.

It’s crucial to reflect on your loved one’s daily life and how it was in the past.

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