memory careAlzheimer’s can be a devastating disease. While you do your best to care for your loved ones, sometimes it might be time to transfer them to a memory care facility.

It’s difficult and delicate, but it’s essential to enjoy your time with your loved one. These are some tips to help you make the most of your visit to a memory care facility.

Tips When Visiting Your Loved One In A Memory Care Facility

A gift is a great way of spending time with someone you care about and to show your appreciation. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose what gift to give someone with dementia.

Make a photo album that reflects your life together. You can bring a game of cards or a puzzle to play together during your visit. It’s all about being creative and thinking outside the box.

Be Patient

Many memory care facilities advise that residents not visit for at least the first week. Because the nurses and aides must spend time helping the residents adjust to their new surroundings, this is a common recommendation. Remember to be patient when you arrive for your first visit.

It may be more difficult for them to recognize you than ever before. Take it slow and identify yourself. Even if your loved one doesn’t cognitively understand it, it is a difficult time.

You may also find it difficult. This experience can bring out many emotions. Give yourself permission to feel the emotions you are experiencing and be patient.

Take a special home-made lunch

Sometimes, dementia patients can have difficulty eating as they age. Seniors with dementia may face different nutritional challenges when moving into a new facility.

Plan a special lunch for your guests if you are planning to visit. You can think of something they enjoy eating that is rich in protein and other essential nutrients.

Bring Familiar Items

When working with someone with Alzheimer’s, consistency is important. Bring a few familiar items to your loved one’s next visit.

You could add songs to your phone, one of their favourite music playlists, a book that they enjoy reading, or even your pet. This will help them feel at home in their new environment.

Plan Ahead For Activities

It is important to plan activities ahead of your visit. Memory care facilities often offer a variety of activities for residents throughout the day. This is a great way for residents to interact with each other and to have fun.

Check out the upcoming classes and activities. You might find them taking walks in the community, reading books, or participating in art classes. You’ll get a better idea of their daily lives as residents.

Learn the Rules of the Facility

Each facility is unique and each has its own rules. Respect is an important aspect of your visit to these facilities.

COVID-19 is a major concern for today’s facilities. High-risk residents such as elderly people are subject to certain protocols, including wearing masks and visitor restrictions.

Talk to nurses, aides and other staff members to learn their policies. You will be able to make the most of your visit with your loved one.

It can be hard to be away from someone you love. Keep it brief and sweet when visiting a memory care facility in Myrtle Beach. Keep in mind that your loved ones are adapting to a new environment, daily routine and medication regimen.

They may feel tired and want to sleep more often. You should allow them to take the rest they need by keeping visits to a maximum of an hour.

It can be difficult to love someone with dementia. Even more difficult is when they have to be moved into a new place.

You can make the most of your memory care visit by being prepared, patient, and keeping it short. You’ll gain a better understanding of the community over time and your loved ones will be more comfortable with their surroundings.

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