assisted livingIt takes research and a lot of discussions to find an assisted living community that will meet your loved one’s needs. This is not a decision than you should make blindly. Before you and your loved ones make a decision, it’s important to visit potential communities.

Adult children often find it easier to visit different senior living communities without their parent. Many people have a general idea of the preferences and needs of their senior relatives. This allows them to eliminate any that are not a good match. This allows the adult child and parent to visit the top two or more communities together.

No matter what approach you take, it is important to plan ahead in order to make the most of every tour.

Touring An Assisted Living Community

These are some tips to help guide you in your search for the right answers.

1. To narrow your options, you can discuss the preferences of your loved one.

What would make your loved one flourish in a more luxurious environment? Would they prefer a more relaxed environment? Which activities are they most interested in and would they like to continue participating?

Every assisted living community is unique, so you want to find the one that will make your loved one feel at home.

2. Examine the ratio of staff to residents.

Do you notice a sense of stress in the staff? Are they happy and smiling? Is there enough staff to take care of the residents?

These are important observations.

3. You can see how the staff treats residents.

The staff’s treatment of residents is a more important aspect than the ratio of staff and residents.

To observe staff’s behavior when you don’t think anyone is watching, be an impartial observer.

4. You can take a formal tour or just wander around the neighborhood on your own.

You will be introduced to all of the amenities and services in the community during the formal tour. It’s not until you see the community in person, walk through the halls and visit the cafeteria that you can truly appreciate it.

Ask the staff member to let you wander around after your formal tour.

5. Enjoy a meal together in the community

You can assess the nutritional quality of the food in the community by sharing a meal in the dining hall with residents. Pay attention to the behavior of staff and residents.

Are they welcoming and friendly? Are they happy to socialize over a meal? Is it possible for your loved one to make new friends?

6. Chat with the residents

There is a good chance that residents of assisted living communities will be open to having visitors and are happy to chat. The following questions are recommended:

  • How long have your lived here?
  • Do you enjoy living here?
  • What are you most interested in doing during the day?
  • Are the staff friendly and attentive?
  • Are caregivers friendly
  • Are you sure it is worth it?

7. Ask about transportation and day trips.

Ask staff for information about enrichment opportunities and services in the area, from shopping to cultural art. These services are available in what form of transportation does the community provide? Is there a schedule for day trips that residents can take?

8. Ask about the hospitals and doctors in your area.

Examine the local doctors, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals. You can also search for hospitals and physicians in the vicinity.

Verify the credentials and licensing of staff doctors. Is your loved one still able to see their regular doctor or will they need to find a new provider?

Making the Right Decision

There are many factors that go into choosing an assisted living in Myrtle Beach for your loved one. A personal tour is a great way to make an informed decision. Visit Reflections Assisted Living at Carolina Forest community today to see what makes us different.

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