assisted living“Why should I look into assisted living options near me?” It’s a great question. Many seniors and their families are interested in the answer. First, you need to know that assisted living facilities (ALFs), which are designed to accommodate the needs of seniors who may no longer be able or ready to move into nursing homes, offer a homelike environment and are comfortable for them.

ALFs allow you and your loved one to remain as independent as possible, while also providing assistance with daily living activities. You may be eligible for medical assistance depending on your ALF’s staff.

Many seniors are unaware that assisted living facilities can make a significant difference in their happiness and health. These care homes place residents’ happiness and health as their top priority. You or your loved one will find fulfillment and satisfaction at home with all the activities, excursions, and support they offer. Recent studies show that seniors report better quality of life once they are settled in their care communities.

Many seniors feel that assisted living allows them to be more social and participate in more activities, which leads to a better mental and emotional state. Seniors often report that they have better physical health because they have access to more medical care, are provided with healthy meals, can manage their medication, and have access to nutritious food.

Seniors, like your loved one, love assisted living for many reasons. You will find eight great reasons to live near your loved one in assisted living.

8 Reasons You Will Love Assisted Living Nearby

Assistive living facilities share the common goal to help residents live independently while also providing assistance with day-to-day tasks. As they are free from the daily stress of life, many seniors find their happiness and health improve. They can also enjoy activities that they love. Take a moment to read about the top advantages of assisted living. These will help you and your loved ones decide if assisted living is right for them.

1. Keep Your Independence and Freedom

You can maintain your independence by moving into an assisted living home near you. You have full control over your assisted living community. You can choose what you do with your time and how you spend it. The staff is committed to helping you maintain that freedom as long as it’s possible.

Consider this: Many people find it difficult to live independently at home before they move into senior assisted living facilities. You or your loved one might not be able to do the things you desire at home. It can be difficult to do things like washing clothes, cooking, laundry, or showering. You don’t have to do these tasks if you move into an assisted-living center. This means that you can spend all your time doing what you like. You or your loved one might find independence and freedom increase after moving into a senior living facility.

2. Find the right assisted living community for you

You’ll notice differences in the layouts, sizes, themes, and services offered by independent living facilities close to you when you start looking. Assisted living homes are available for all income levels and interests. Some homes are luxurious and posh, while others are cozy and homey. Some ALFs are tailored to certain groups (e.g., people from particular religious or cultural backgrounds) while others focus more on specific interests such as golf.

Independent living is possible, regardless of whether you are interested in regular salon visits, gardening, taking daily fitness classes, or any other activity.

3. Enjoy a Secure and Safe Assisted Living Facility

When it becomes unsafe to live at home, people often think about nursing homes or assisted living facilities. The common benefit of assisted living is the fact that it’s designed to protect you and your family members. Many ALFs have many safety features that prevent accidents such as falls and wandering. Staff is always available to help in case of emergency.

4. Say Goodbye To Housework, Yard Maintenance, Laundry, Cooking, and Other Homework

Although you may love the idea of living at home with your family, it can be difficult to keep up with the house. You can get rid of all those daily stressors by moving into a senior living facility. There is no need to worry about maintaining your home, yard, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, or maintaining garden.

Assistive living facilities in Myrtle Beach provide nutritious and healthy meals and can accommodate special diet needs. You can also get assistance with daily activities such as dressing and taking a shower or bath. You may also be eligible for medical assistance depending on where you live. This means that you can enjoy your time and not do what you have to in order to stay at home.

5. Get Experts When You Need Them

There are likely to be senior living communities near you that offer access to many medical professionals. You can visit a nurse or talk to a pharmacist in your local care community if you have a need. A study by the National Center for Health Statistics found that ALFs offer a variety of senior health and dental services. Take, for example, the following list of services with the respective percentages of assisted living facilities offering them:

  • Depression screening: 83 percent
  • Pharmacy and pharmacist services: 82 percent
  • Services in podiatry: 74%
  • Therapeutic services: 69 percent
  • Hospice services: 62 percent
  • Skilled nursing and nursing services: 59 percent
  • Dental services: 54%
  • 52 percent of the population receives counseling or mental health services.
  • Social work services: 48 percent

6. Live an active and social life

Many seniors who choose to live in assisted living communities near their homes report an improvement in their social lives. Many seniors feel happier and more connected than when they lived at home. Your loved one might have the chance to meet new people and be part of interesting social groups. You might be able to take part in activities such as book clubs, cooking classes, gardening, or cooking classes. When you are interviewing ALFs and elder care homes, make sure you write down any interests you have.

7. Strengthen family relationships

Many seniors depend on their loved ones to assist them at home before they move into assisted living. This can cause stress for all involved and can even lead to broken relationships. Fortunately, stress can be relieved by moving into assisted living for you or your loved ones. After settling into assisted living, families can be more supportive and have better relationships with their loved ones.

8. Take Advantage of Transportation Services

Seniors often mention the ease of accessing transportation services as one of their top senior living benefits. This takes the hassle out of driving and getting around. Many ALFs offer buses and vans that can be booked to transport residents outside the community. Find out what is offered by assisted living facilities near you. Also, find out if transportation is included in the rates or if they charge extra for it.

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