Christian Assisted Living Resources

assisted livingSeniors making the move to Christian assisted living may have fears of losing their beloved community ties; however, fostering an ongoing relationship with your church family is one way to maintain a great support network. Christianity remains an integral part of American cultural identity, and that’s especially true for older adults. Surveys from the Pew Research Center show that a vast majority (three-quarters) of these elders consider religion to be highly important in their lives, bringing them peace and well-being.

Assisted living offers an attractive way to enjoy your retirement years without compromising comfort or convenience. Treat yourself to delicious restaurant-style meals, convenient housekeeping services, and a wealth of amenities that extend from physical activities to spiritual care–all in one place!

Finding the “right fit” for your long-term care is essential, and connecting with a community that shares similar values can make this process easier. For seniors transitioning to assisted living, selecting an environment where they feel comfortable and surrounded by peers who share their beliefs could be just what’s needed for happiness during this new stage of life!

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