assisted livingNow that Mom and Dad are ready to move into assisted living, the to-do list can seem daunting. You may find that your parents have a lot of stuff, even cherished possessions, they need to sell. The house may need urgent repairs before putting it up in the market. It is possible that your mom or dad feels ambivalent about the idea of moving into assisted living. They may be reluctant to give up their routines and start a new one. It’s perfectly normal.

We have seen all the mistakes in assisted living and Reflections Assisted Living at Carolina Forest is here to help.

This is the Ultimate Assisted Living Checklist

1. Define Expectations

Every rower who competes will tell you that the ride is smoothest when everyone pulls in one direction. It is important to set expectations and make sure everyone is on the same page. This includes your parents, your helpers, and everyone who touches the move. The following steps can be used to define expectations:

Establish Deadlines

Each item on the assisted living checklist, from checking finances to shopping facilities to organizing the move, must have a deadline. Give yourself more time. Do not try to groom the entire cat in one week. Moves to assisted living that are successful were spread over several weeks or even months.

Assign Responsibilities

Consider which items will fall under your control, which tasks can be left to your parents, and which can be handled by your friends or family. Take into account time constraints, job availability, cognitive capacity, and the ability of the assignee to complete the task.

Select Tasks to Outsource

An organizer could help with many tasks. Some tasks might be too difficult for seniors to do. You might consider hiring out certain tasks, such as appraisals, movers and realtors.

2. Check Finances

Moving to assisted living facility can mean expenses and a change in the financial picture for your parents. This is the perfect time to check in with Mom or Dad about their financial situation. This will help you decide what next steps to take, such as which assisted living facility to choose or how much money you have for moving.

You should also be aware of the following:


Find out how much equity your parents have if they own the house. Find out the balance of any mortgages or equity lines of credit that you have. Calculate the property’s value.


What is the most valuable thing your parents have? You might be interested in antiques, jewelry, art, silver, china, or comic books. Anything that may appeal to a niche buyer is worth considering.

Other Assets and Liabilities

Assets are any value that could put money in your parents’ pockets. These could include stock portfolios or real estate investments. Liabilities are any money that is taken from someone’s pocket. These include credit card balances, insurance premiums and car loans.

Income Streams

An “asset” refers to the investment or business value, while “income streams” describe how much your parents make from assets or other sources. This could include wages and pensions, investment dividends or income from rental properties, business income, annuities, judgements in their favor, Social Security, and other entitlements.

3. Check Their Possessions

Many seniors have to downsize to make the transition to smaller assisted living in Myrtle Beach. It can be difficult for parents to give up items that make them feel at home. They should take only the most treasured items with them. However, not all of it will fit. You can organize to help your parents assess the emotional investment they have made in their possessions.

Take inventory

You should make a list of all the things in your house. Not just where they are, but also where you can find them. If possible, take photos to record the descriptions and store them with the descriptions. These photos will help your parents make the right decision and also help family members decide what to keep.

Triage Belongings

You can rank your items by 1-3 or 1-10. 1 is “must take with you” and 10 is “definitely remove.”

Take Large Furnishings into Account

You will need to find out if your parents are allowed to bring furniture to their next home. Take note of the dimensions of your furniture.

4. Choose The Nearest Assisted Living Facility

It is just as important to help your parents choose their next home than it is to gracefully dispose of the old one. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

Make sure you document the needs of your parents

You should ensure that the facility supports their ADLs, such as dressing, bathing, and mobility. A Memory Care community for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s may be necessary. You will need to find out if they have a specific doctor attached so that you can verify that the chosen senior community will allow them stay with that doctor.

Make a list of possible facilities

Google-search assisted living communities near you. You can perform an advanced search using multiple parameters such as distance, amenities and care levels.

Arrange Tours

After you have created a list, organize tours for your parents. If possible, meet with the community director, caregiving director and activities director. You can get floor plans that include measurements to help you determine which belongings will fit. You might consider an unannounced visit to the community without Mom or Dad, so you can see how it is when they aren’t expecting you.

5. Arrange for Disposal of Possessions

Clearing out the home of your parents’ decades-old nest could be the most difficult task. Give yourself enough time to complete the task.

Schedule an Estate Sale

A estate sale is a great way to raise money for your move and the initial expenses. It is similar to a big garage sale but with a lot more money. Everything is up for sale and the entire house becomes a massive second-hand auction. A professional appraisal is often recommended to avoid selling a million-dollar card of baseball for a quarter.

Arrange donations

Many charities offer volume donation pickup. It is a good idea to schedule a pickup as soon you know the date of your estate sale. To pick up any unsold items, the truck can be delivered immediately following the sale.

6. Home Sale

Selling your parents’ home if they have significant equity could help them set themselves up financially. Here are some steps to take. Get a real estate agent involved. Ask for referrals if you don’t already know any realtors.

The house might need extensive repairs to be worth top dollar. You can shop around for contractors or go to your real estate agent’s preferred vendor.

7. Start Packing The Least Used Rooms

You can get organized in the rooms that are least used first. These could include:

  • Guest bedrooms
  • Hosting guests must be allowed to move on.
  • Dens and offices
  • These functions can be combined into other rooms.
  • Garage or shed

These items have not been touched in years and will be hard to find.

assisted living8. Attend the Events At The Next Facility

After you have chosen the senior community and your parents are comfortable with the idea of moving, it’s time to start getting involved in the community. The assisted living community will feel more like home if they attend certain functions and activities.

Get in touch with the Director of Activities

Make a list of the activities that your parents are interested in and arrange for them to participate. Parents can begin to bond with their neighbors right away.

Get in touch with the Lead Caregiver

Set up a time to meet with your parents and caregivers so that they can fully understand the care plan. Also, it will help you establish trust with the providers.

9. Create A Moving Schedule

Planning ahead ensures a smooth move. Plan for the following:

Assemble Supplies

Take a look at boxes, totes and packing tape. Also, consider glass protectors, scratch-preventing blankets. Dolls, markets, trucks, and dollies.

Book Movers

Many moving companies reserve weeks or even months ahead of time, depending on the season. As soon as you know when your move day is, get on their calendar. If necessary, details can be changed later.

Arrange utility shutoffs

Your parents’ utility companies should be contacted ahead of time to arrange shutoffs of water, gas and electricity. So they don’t have to pay for utilities that they don’t use after the move.

Change your mailing address

Social Security will change your parents’ address.

10. Prepare A Moving-Day Bag

Your parents should be able to access everything they need when it comes time for you to move.

Get Suitcases and Essentials

It’s like you are taking your parents on vacation. Pack essential clothes, toiletries and appliances. You can have them start to live in their moving-day bag as soon as possible.

11. Unpack and Organize

Establish a familiar atmosphere in your new home for your parents when you move them. You will make them feel more at home if they have photos, books, and furniture from their previous home. You can help them unpack and organize the new place to make it more comfortable.

12. Assess The New Home

It is important that you take the time to discuss the layout and set-up of your parents’ new house with them. They should feel as comfortable as possible. Ask them where everything is located and if they have any other items from their old home they would like to bring with them. Take out any items that are not suitable for the new home.

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